Understanding mattress size – Before you buy, it’s important to understand the dimensions of your mattress

To ensure you make the right decision when shopping for mattresses it is important that you are familiar with all the available mattress sizes. Some manufacturers do not produce certain sizes. You can get the best guide on http://www.mattressheaven247.co.uk.

You’ll also need to consider the size of the mattress when choosing the sheets you want and the pillows for your bed. You should also consider the size of your mattress if you are shopping for your first bed.
The four mattress sizes are: double, queen, twin and king. These types each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

It is the smallest size mattress available today. The standard dimensions are 39″x75″. It is perfect for large guest rooms, children’s bedrooms and rooms for many people. Another type of mattress in this category is the twin extra-long (80″) long. It’s designed for teens and adults living in tight quarters, like college dormitories. The mattress’s comfort is a drawback, particularly if you plan to use it by an adult or someone with a wide body. This mattress is small and portable, which makes it a good choice for adults or those with broader bodies.

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It is just slightly bigger than twin mattresses. This mattress measures 54″x75″. It is a good size for single people or small bedrooms. It is also one of the largest mattress sizes, which makes it ideal for use in guest bedrooms. One adult will have plenty of room to stretch out on this size. The space for sleeping two adults is not enough as the mattress size will be just a little bigger than a twin. The sheets for double mattresses are more affordable than the larger ones.

Queen is the largest mattress size available. The queen mattress is 60″ by 80″ and 8 inches longer. The double mattress is larger, with more room for sleeping for two adults. However, it could be a bit cramped to those who are taller. The singles who sleep in different places on the bed will also find this a good choice.

It is exactly as its name indicates: a king-sized mattress. It is also known as the King of Mattress Sizes. California King, another type in this category is larger than the standard. California King has a size of 72″x84″. Both king size mattresses are the largest available on the market.

It is large enough to accommodate two adults, and possibly a couple of children. The size is great for couples sharing a bed who still need their personal space. This large mattress limits mobility. The large size of this mattress makes it difficult to navigate up and down steep stairs, or in narrow corridors. Beddings and sheets for the King mattress are the most expensive on the market.