The Browlift: The Eyelid Lift

Guest Posting are some who may question the differences of such procedures as the Eyelid Surgery Portland. Check out this detailed comparison to learn more about these amazing cosmetic procedures.

A forehead lift is an advanced technique which treats more of the face. It is performed by making an incision on the hairline. The procedure can extend up from ear-to-ear. This procedure involves removing excess tissue and trimming and tightening the skin before stitching it back up. This procedure smoothes lines in the forehead and the frown lines between the brows. It is also popular among those whose eyebrows are saggy and droopy.

It can also be used to treat men with receding facial hairlines after a hair transplant.

Eyelid Lift
It is easier and less invasive to perform an eyelidlift than a forehead lift. Some eyelid lifting procedures can be performed under local anesthesia. Upper eyelids lifts involve removing excess skin from the lid by using an eyelid incision. This technique can correct sagging. Patients whose eyelids are folded over and block their vision may also benefit from this procedure.

A lower eyelid lifting involves the tightening of the lids using a lash-line incision to reduce under-eye bags, chronic puffiness, and firm the skin.

It is the difference in recovery and complexity that makes a browlift or eyelid lift so different. Both are effective for improving the appearance in their targeted areas. However, they are both less intensive than a complete facelift.

The procedure involves lifting some eyebrows as well the skin folds at the sides of your eyes and lifting some parts of upper eyelid. However, it does not include any removal of skin from the upper eyelid. However, it does not tighten the eyebrows, forehead or frown line.