Carpet Cleaning Basics

It is often the most neglected chore in the home, but floor carpeting can be one of the most important. Carpet cleaning does not involve simply vacuuming up dirt and grime from the carpet fiber. This involves choosing the right carpet shampoo for you and whether you need to have it professionally cleaned.

The type of carpet shampoo that you choose is important to know before you start carpet cleaning. There are two kinds of carpet shampoos, liquid shampoos and dry. Your choice depends on what you need. A plush carpet requires dry shampoos to clean it. This protects the carpet’s new and thick fibers. For carpets older, more soiled and lumpy, liquid shampoos are needed. These can remove dirt and leave carpets clean and fragrant.

If you have wall-to wall carpeting that is difficult to clean, hiring someone to do your rug cleaning could be a smart idea. While professional carpet cleaning may seem expensive, they are much more affordable than the time it takes to clean your carpets. You can suggest a fragrance or a hypoallergenic cleaner for carpet washing. Professional cleaners can also use alternative cleaning products. Many of their products are also safe for your family.

You can save money by doing your own carpet cleaning. Here are these tips.

1. Planning ahead can help you save time and money. Make sure to prepare your carpet washing material in one bucket.

2. Before cleaning carpets, be sure to read all instructions. Do not combine products.

3. You should remove all furniture and items that are able to touch the carpet. While you are cleaning the carpet, inform your family.

4. To get rid of any dirt or debris on the carpet fibers, vacuum it first.

5. Clean the most exposed area of the room closest to the door. If liquid carpet cleaning shampoo is used, vacuum the entire room as soon you finish. Vacuum immediately and dry thoroughly.

6. Carpet stains are very common. Make sure you spend the time cleaning up any grime and stains. While you might need to use another cleaning product to get rid of grime, vinegar and baking soda paste are excellent options. To soak the stain, mix equal parts of vinegar and water.

7. Finally, clean the carpet.

Carpet cleaning is easy and fast if you do your preparations in advance and have all the materials and tools ready. If you prefer to have professional carpet cleaners do it, then you can look online or in the Yellow Pages for quality services near you.

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