Expert Advice and Guidance for Emergency Plumbers

Take into consideration the following before contacting a Viking Plumbing & Drain Services: Insurance, Licensing (if applicable), Response Time Fees, Guarantee, Parts & Licenses.


As the emergency plumbers are licensed to work in your area. So you can know they’re knowledgeable, all plumbers who are licensed must take exams at Tafe. It takes an average emergency plumber four years to complete his apprenticeship. You should not confuse the business license and a licensing for plumbing. It is not a license to do business, but merely the ability of a plumber in Australia. Business licenses do not necessarily mean that an emergency plumber is fully qualified or has passed all necessary exams.


It is legal for a plumber to carry both liability and workers compensation. The worker’s comp covers both an emergency plumber, and their employees, in the case of an employee injury. In the absence of this coverage, homeowners could end up paying for all medical bills as well as other costs in the event that the plumber was injured on the premises.

This insurance policy covers repairs and damages caused by the poor work of an emergency plumber. In most cases, if your plumber damages your home in an attempt to solve the problem with his equipment, the insurance policy should cover all the costs. When the plumber is not covered by liability insurance, damages are the responsibility of either the home owner or occupier.

The cost of plumbers with no liability and worker’s insurance is usually lower because they are not paying high premiums. Savings are small compared to an accident or injury, and it is illegal.

Consideration Time

You should ask the plumbing emergency service how fast it can solve the problem. While emergency plumbers may be on call 24/7, they will take longer to respond if it takes them a lot of time to get to you. In the event of a major water leak in your home, a delay can result in thousands of dollar damage. When they are several hours away, you can ask for a plumber who is closer.


Find out the rate for hourly work and ask if he can estimate the cost over the phone. Ask for an estimation for the particular issue. Most plumbers cannot give an estimate before seeing the situation. A service call is also charged by most plumbers in an emergency, on top of the standard hourly fee and any parts. It is the charge if you have them visit your house, whether or not there’s a problem. Find out what types of payments they accept. Most plumbers do not accept credit cards. Others will only accept invoices or check payments.

Find out if the manufacturer offers a warranty that covers both parts and labour. The typical warranty only covers parts. The plumbing company should offer a guarantee on their services.


A lot of common parts may be kept on hand in the van. Ask them whether they plan to visit stores or not. When the plumber has to visit the store for parts, ask who pays the emergency plumber’s travel time.