Are you experiencing musty or stale odors in the home? To get rid of the musty smells, use a portable humidifier and air purifier

Some basements are difficult to clean. There’s no way to get rid of it, even if you use air purifiers. What’s really at fault is the little extra moisture, which can accumulate in older houses, basements and crawl space, that encourages mold growth and other organisms. When these bacteria metabolize the organic materials in your home, they release various chemicals. This causes a “musty” odor. A portable dehumidifier can help you remove this musty smell. You can get the best guide about dehumidifier vs air purifier in this site.

Most musty, damp odors come from mold or algae. You can tell that the organisms will grow and produce odors when there is water present.

It is easy to use an hygrometer, or humidity meter, to check and monitor humidity levels. Most of the better home humidifiers such as the ones from Danby, Stadler, or Stadlerform, have an inbuilt hygrometer. And as the reading on the hygrometer drops, the smell will also start to disappear. Walmart sells a thermometer equipped with a humidity gauge. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to monitor your humidity.

Many older houses have little leaks that occur in the walls or foundations. They can also contain small holes or cracks. All of this moisture is enough to cause a musty smell to develop. Dehumidifiers may be needed on a daily basis if your home is one of those. You can use it regularly or only occasionally. Keep indoor humidity below 35-40% to greatly eliminate or reduce musty, moldy odors. Quality air purifiers equipped with HEPA/carbon filters will quickly eliminate any remaining odors. They are available for less than $250.

If you want to rid your room of that moldy smell and musty mildew, a combination of a portable air dehumidifier along with an effective air purifier will do the trick. In this way, the air is cleansed of both the microorganisms that cause the mildew and mold to grow as well the excessive moisture. Check for potential leaks on the roof, around walls and windows. In addition, if you have chronic allergies or respiratory infection, you may notice a marked improvement in your symptoms. Removing excess moisture reduces airborne bacteria which require moisture to multiply.