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    Drive Time Lagos

    Drive Time Lagos is a Live 2 hour’s show which is open to the public to call in or send SMS’s on the three days of the week it holds. The three days are tagged “Battle Royal Monday”, “respectively.


    On “Battle Royal Monday”, the audience gets to call in on the show and take sides on any of two tabled topics,issues, personalities, events etc. and then proceed to Battle it out as the name implies either in favor of or against as the case may be. This is usually very fun filled and tacking.


    On “Weird Wednesday”, the audience calls in to share weird and unbelievably stories that are actually true. stories can be from any part of the world and take any format but the important thing is, they have to be “weird”, “wacky” and “watsup”. And it usually turns out to be all that and more.


    “Love Thursday” is all about love and its paraphernalia’s. On “Love Thursday”, the audience call or SMS with messages, comments, and stories that have to do with love. Whether it is about make ups and break ups, Players and cheaters or tell tale signs and toasters, it always is very emotional leaving one educated, inspired and willing to give love a second chance.


    On all Drive Time Lagos show days, gifts and winnings are given to the best contributions, comments and inputs.


    *Drive Time Lagos is on Unilag 103.1fm (Mon, Wed & Thurs) 4 – 6pm